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Tyra Foxx
Tyra Foxx Porn Addict
Tyra Foxx is the best kind of stripper... the kind that will come over your house after work and have sex with you and your friends. In this video, Tyra fucks a buddy of mine. No big deal... just sex between an upstanding and productive...
Ava Monroe
Ava Monroe Porn Addict
I get a call from a buddy who tells me that there's this cute 18 year old looking to make some porn. I ask him how quickly can he get her over here. When Ava shows up, I rushed as quickly as I could to get my cock in her mouth. She...

Angela Lorelle
Angela Lorelle Porn Addict
As hard as I tried, I just could not convince this girl to blow me on video. She went on about having a boyfriend or some shit. I guess stripping and showing your cunt to a complete stranger isn't cheating... whatever. This will have....
Nikki Napoli
Nikki Napoli Porn Addict
She has big tits and is stupid... perfect combo, right? I met Nikki the idiot on the floor of a porn convention. She was walking around trying to meet the movers and shakers in the porn world. Unfortunately for her, she met me and fell for...

Tawny Ocean
Tawny Ocean Porn Addict
If I quit porn and never shot another scene for the rest of my life, this whore would be the reason why. Tawny is an over the hill ex-porn star now resorting to hooking and petty theft to get by. She practically begged me to hire her for...
Ayako Porn Addict
I met Ayako a few years ago while in Vegas for a porn convention. She blew me and my friends. Well, fast forward to now and I'm still in touch with the whore (hey... never throw away a quality piece, right?). Anyway, she was coming to...

Jeanica Love
Jeanica Love Porn Addict
A few friends and I were in Las Vegas to check out a porno convention. We figured since we're surrounded by whores, maybe we should proposition some to come back to our hotel room to make some of our own pornography...
Alexia Sparks
Alexia Sparks Porn Addict
Alexia Sparks is a black whore from around the way. I totally spoon fed her a bunch of bullshit about how I can make her a big porn star. She totally believed it, too. So, I met with her at a hotel and shot a whole bunch of footage of her...

Sammie Sparks
Sammie Sparks Porn Addict
You know me... I love to find faults in women and then make a big deal out of it. I'm immature that way. However, Sammie is a good piece of ass. She doesn't have a cunty attitude and her big fake tits are among the best I've ever seen...
Autumn Rayne
Autumn Rayne Porn Addict
Autumn Rayne is a beat old whore... but we were desperate, broke, and horny while at the Atlantic City porn convention. She had as many teeth as we had dollars, so it was a match made in heaven. HP and I tried to look past her...

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"Do you like porn? Can you never get enough of it? Are you addicted to watching hot and horny chicks sucking and fucking? Well then you can try to get better and go to porn lovers anonymous, or you can embrace your addiction and check out Porn Addict.

From escorts to bondage models and all the hotties in between, PornAddict is a well-designed, easy to navigate site filled with good hardcore action and lots of sticky facials. However, this site is not for the faint of heart as these chicks gag on the cocks they're sucking until they vomit, are slapped across the face when the anal sex hurts and are verbally abused more often than not.

There are 36 videos on the site at the moment and each one comes with a little description of the scene and the situation. The vids can all be downloaded and they're available as Windows Media files that offer stellar-quality playback. Most of the scenes involve one-on-one sucking and fucking, but I did catch a couple threesome scenes as well.

You won't find any photo galleries on the website, but you will find 35 sets of vid caps on it. Being what they are, they aren't much to look at it, but you can download entire vid cap galleries as Zip files if you so choose.

In addition to the main stuff, you get access to a bunch of bonus sites like Facial Abuse, Ghetto Gaggers and Sperm Suckers. They also get a whole lot of extra videos that they can stream or download as well as other goodies too.

Porn Addict is updating weekly and now that it's had time to grow, it's worth the cost of membership on its own. Once you're finished with the main collection, you'll probably want to stick around to check out the bonuses."

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